0.75 Gram Pre-Roll

  • Fresh pre-rolls updated weekly.
  • No stems, no trims, no shake.
  • Stored in premium pre-roll containers.

Fresh strains are always updated weekly. To view the strains, please select “choose an option”.

(6 customer reviews)


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Tired of getting your thumbs sticky and ending up with a hippie joint? Not a problem, we’ll do the work for you. These pre-rolls aren’t your typical cruddy pre-rolls.. we use real buds instead of trims and shake. No bogus here, just the real deal.

  • Fresh pre-rolls updated weekly.
  • No stems, no trims, no shake.
  • Stored in premium pre-roll containers.

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(Indica) Galactic gas, (Indica) Island Sweet Skunk, (Hybrid) Sunset Octane, (Indica) Berry Congo, (Indica) Northern Gas, (Indica) Pinky Danky Doodle, (Hybrid) Chong Star, (Hybrid) Sunset Sherbert, (Sativa) Strawberry Delight, (Hybrid) Wedding Crashers, (Indica) Nebula Cookies, (Sativa) Blue Maui, (Hybrid) Platinum Cake, (Indica) ChemDawg 91, (Indica) Pink Panties, (Hybrid-Indica) Cookie Monster, (Hybrid) TK Stardawg Haze, (Indica) Godzilla gas, (Hybrid-Sativa) Tropicana Cookies, (Indica) Mike Tyson, (Hybrid-Indica) Blueberry Pancake, (Hybrid-Indica) Grim Reaper, (Hybrid-Sativa) Orange Daiquiri, (Indica) Flue Gas, (Hybrid) OG Cookies, (Hybrid-Indica) Super Skunk, (Hybrid) Kamikaze, (Hybrid-Indica) Trunk Funk

6 reviews for Pre-Roll

  1. kdavidson87

    The pre-rolls here are some of the best I’ve had. Quality flower and it’s not a bunch of trimmings/stems, it’s actual bud. Didn’t have any issues with lighting or keeping it lit like pre-rolls I’ve received from other companies. If you want something quick and easy these are a great option.

  2. JH145

    these pre-rolls are so convenient to enjoy and are top notch quality. they are packed nice and dense so the burn never canoes. definitely worth!!!

  3. EddyChef

    Not like any other prerolls, these ones definitely get you fried. I’ve got the holy Grail and El diablo. Super gas!


    Received Sour Tangie as a freebie with my first order and was definitely satisfied. Big preroll with nice resin bubbling and smooth burn.

  5. steelv

    Love the varieties of different strains to try out! Amazing flavors for the Godzilla Gas and Galactic Gas. Amazed!!!!

  6. steelv

    They’ve been updating their pre-rolls frequently and enjoy the variety they offer. Kali Mist has been a pleasure to smoke!

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